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Our ambition is to exceed ourselves – each and every day. By looking for regular dialogue with our customers. By developing better products and service features. And by leading our company into the future without ever losing sight of appreciation of our heritage.

In everything we do we are connected in quality. This is not something new, but has been our leitmotif since the company was founded 120 years ago with the vision to revolutionise installation technology. With over 4,000 employees, we have progressed to become a world market leader – while remaining a family-owned company that sets its own standards. This is how we ensure quality ‘made in Germany’ and products of the highest grade, worldwide.

It is really important for us to support our customers in their daily work. We coordinate materials, technology and comfort, take time for quality management and invest in research and development. The result is a perfectly tuned system providing over 17,000 products – available whenever our customers need them. As a global market leader, we are also committed to sharing our know-how with our customers all around the world.

Because we are convinced:

Quality is everything. Without quality, everything means nothing.


The Company Culture

A family-owned company

Franz-Anselm Viegener founded this family-owned company in 1899, thereby laying the foundation stone for the success story behind today’s Viega. It all began with the production of beer taps that were sold to local breweries and taverns. But the company grew fast, and the number of products increased. The first additions were drain fittings and overflow fittings, and then, when the first branch works were opened, the range was further extended to include copper pipe connecting elements and plastic products for sanitary facilities. In the mid 1990s and in the year 2000, Viega revolutionised the market twice in quick succession: first with the introduction of the Profipress system, then with SC-Contur. And we have not stopped there.

A global market leader

Today Viega has advanced to become an internationally operating market leader with ten locations throughout the world, over 4,000 employees and a wide range of products covering the entire installation technology sector. Notwithstanding this impressive expansion, we have succeeded in maintaining the standards that have characterised the company from its earliest days – and that still constitute the decisive force that drives our success. Furthermore, the people who make Viega what it is, namely our employees, are central to us. Thanks to intensive programmes of advancement and training, we achieve two goals at the same time: Not only do we make Viega successful as a company, but each individual person as well. For we don’t merely think from one quarter to the next, but from generation to generation.



Thinking ahead

Being satisfied with what has already been achieved — that has never been Viega’s way of doing things. Every day, our team of researchers and developers devote their energy and brainpower to the job of improving products and raising standards with new approaches. Just two of many impressive examples are the introduction of the Profipress system technology that made us the global market leader, as well as the Viega SC-Contur with which we revolutionised installation technology.

System solutions

One manufacturer supplies all

The demands placed on buildings technology are becoming more and more complex. Exact planning and thoroughly thought-through solutions go a long way towards meeting these challenges. Viega offers a comprehensive range of products that are all coordinated with each other. That applies both to the system as such as well as to the materials used. This means that our customers can order complete solutions from us, safe in the knowledge that all items fit together and compatibility problems during installation simply cannot arise. Sub-system interfaces not only match each other perfectly, but they can also be connected fast and easily.

When all fittings fit

Our piping systems provide highest quality, pioneering safety technology and excellent cost-effectiveness. They are being developed all the time to ensure that they fulfil standards, comply with regulations and also serve the needs of those using them — not only at present, but in the future as well. In addition to that, our competence in the area of plastics processing means that we can also supply a large number of products for radiant heating and cooling applications. Finally, with our pre-wall and drainage products we have introduced sophisticated technology, award-winning design and new levels of comfort into bathrooms everywhere.


Material quality

With Viega, commitment to the highest quality begins with the choice of materials. Only materials that come up to our strictest specifications have a chance of being used to manufacture our products. We perform our own manufacturing. Our foundry, one of the most modern plants in the whole of Europe, and state-of-the-art production facilities ensure that our own innovations are brought to perfection through the use of high-grade materials. We not only comply with applicable standards and regulations; in many cases we go way beyond them.

The origin of clean drinking water

Selecting the right materials is always important; in the case of drinking water it is absolutely essential. For this reason we put great store by using materials that exclude any possibility of drinking water quality being compromised. An important factor when it comes to maintaining drinking water quality.

Materials for all areas of use

Being able to fall back on a range of different materials means that we have the right one for each and every area of use. Stainless steel is particularly suitable in installations where drinking water is involved, and also where media are mixed. Copper, on the other hand, is a reliable all-rounder, usable under many different circumstances. With gunmetal/silicon bronze it is much the same. It can be used safely for drinking water installations, while at the same time this material is very durable and can stand up to the toughest conditions. Other materials such as zinc-nickel plated steel or C steel come into their own where cost-effectiveness and extreme wearing strength are required. Finally, plastic (PEX) has an almost unlimited range of uses. High-performance polymers provide for great flexibility and cost-effectiveness in piping systems, as well as being high-quality, innovative materials in drainage technology.

Drinking water quality

Viega’s core competence: maintaining drinking water quality. This means that our activities in this area go far beyond simply developing products and using the right materials. Drinking water is uniquely valuable, and it is not without good cause that it is one of the most strictly monitored commodities. That is why we also provide support to our customers in the form of comprehensive service and seminars on maintaining drinking water quality. Our innovative solutions come into their own when this fund of knowledge is properly put into practice. As is the case with the products that feature the Viega Hygiene+ function which helps to prevent stagnation and critical temperatures in drinking water installations.


Production and development

Highest standards

For a company that sees itself as being ‘Connected in Quality’, the way forward is clear: uncompromising standards in development and production. So for Viega there is simply no question about it – highest standards of quality in this area as well. We achieve this thanks to our highly qualified staff who provide for absolute precision and reliable products in modern research and development laboratories and production facilities.

Made in Germany

Our clear commitment to ‘production in Germany’ plays a significant role regarding the high quality of our products. For here we can maintain and monitor the highest possible standards. And in all the other production facilities outside Germany products are manufactured locally that meet German standards. That is what enables us to adhere to these high standards of reliability and constant high quality ‘made in Germany’.


Quality assurance

More testing than in real life

Viega products must be able to cope with all the stresses and extremes that come from daily use. So before that they have to pass our own stringent tests. Our long-term and high-load testing ensures that all our products receive our approval and also comply with standards, legal requirements and regulations (and frequently do better than them). The products are designed not only to be able to cope with everyday demands, but also with extreme situations. For instance, all our piping systems must be able to withstand temperatures of minus 30° C in our refrigeration chamber without any detriment to their rated specifications. Also, new products and techniques are subjected to real-life testing on several test construction sites in order to demonstrate their suitability for everyday use.

Guaranteed tested

The quality controls for production are extremely demanding. Every single connector is subjected to stringent controls before it leaves our factory. This includes visual inspection under the trained eyes of our staff, as well as precise scanning by means of the most modern camera and laser technology. So that our customers can rely on each and every component to 100%.




The Configurator section leads you to our diverse web configurators such as the flush plate or the pressure gradient configurator. These enable you to plan your projects online and individually.


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