Rheem Manufacturing Company


Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American company that specializes in water heating products and solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. Rheem water heaters were first introduced to the Singapore market in 1968, and has since then, grown into a well-recognized residential and industrial brand that is trusted for its high quality and reliability. Its wide range of residential and commercial product offerings include electric tank and tankless water heaters, solar thermals, as well as heat pump water heaters. In over 50 years of local water heating expertise, Rheem has maintained a good reputation and gained trust and confidence from project specifiers, developers, installers and end users across the Asian region.


Our Expertise and Advantages:



An American company with nearly 100 years in business, Rheem has been a pioneer in developing some of the most innovative advancements in water heating. With a long list of award-winning solutions, Rheem continues to deliver advanced comfort, savings, and experiences to our customers.

With local headquarters in Singapore for 50 years and regionally located factories, we can deliver region-specific designed products quicker.


Water Heating Experts:

With a wide range of products, we have something to fit almost every water heating need across ASEAN. The proof in having over 1,000,000 water heaters installed across ASEAN. We are also proud to be the preferred choice for ASEAN commercial applications with 1000s of installed locations.


Rheem is making a difference with our ambitious 2025 goals. We continue to lead with our bold approach to improvements for our products and processes to dramatically cut our impact on the environment, while empowering both our customers and employees to work and live sustainably. It’s all a part of our bold vision for the future.


Main Website: www.RheemSingapore.com

Product catelogue: https://static-asia.globalimageserver.com/media/uploads/iat/sites/47/2022/04/Water_Heating_Product_Guide.pdf



Residential Electric Instant Water Heaters


Rheem’s range of high quality electric instant water heaters provide your bathroom with a space-saving solution, while not compromising on looks and quality.

URL: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/products/electric-instant-water-heaters/




Residential Electric Storage Water Heaters


Built for durability, Rheem’s wide variety of residential electric storage water heaters can provide you with a premium shower experience.

URL: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/products/electric-storage-tank/




Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters


Apart from gas and electricity, there are many other ways to heat water. With Rheem’s heat pump water heaters, you can explore how surround hot air or even water can help to provide hot water to meet your commercial needs.

URL: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/products/heat-pump-water-heaters/




Solar Water Heaters

In Singapore, where the weather is hot and warm weather all-year-round, solar water heaters are ideal because they can utilize solar energy from the sun to provide you with hot water.

URL: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/products/solar-water-heaters/




Commercial Hot Water Storage Tanks

As one of Singapore’s leading water heater brands, Rheem offers a range of hot water products and solutions for your business needs. These include high-quality hot water storage tanks to that can help to you to store hot water and to retain heat for as long as possible

URL: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/products/storage-tanks/