In response to media reports of widespread concerns by the public community over the shoddy work and the apparent health risks presented by the standards of plumbing by unqualified Plumbers, SPS initiated SPS HOME PLUMBING SERVICE.

This initiative, is a free referral call-in service, created to serve the general public.  Anyone who needs to engage a qualified Plumber can call SPS Hotline at Tel: 6292 0111 / Fax: 6295 6166.  Your call will immediately be directed to a plumber nearest to the customer locality.   He will respond immediately to the homeowner and usually will arrive within 3 hours to carry out the repairs.

Quality Standards and customer satisfaction are the core of SPS Home Plumbing Service operational philosophy.   Plumbers selected have to pass through a stringent quality test.   This procedure eliminates the homeowner’s unnecessary worry of using unknown Plumbers from phone book, online websites, flyers or newspaper advertisements, as SPS Registered Plumbers have been vetted and approved for their professionalism.

SPS also works closely with the PUB (Sanitary, Water & Gas) case, as well as industry and educational bodies in pursuit of its aim.