About us :

JD Waters Pte Ltd was established in 2013. It started off as Plumbing & Sanitary company and over the years we have evolved and undertook more challenging projects in a bigger scale such as ; mechanical installations, Fire prevention, Hydrant and protection systems, Over pumping and membrane works.

JD Waters have a list of projects across various government firms such as PUB, Town councils and LTA. We have also work alongside contractors such as UES holdings, HSL, Hyflux and others.


Mission :

We endeavor to deliver the most reliable and efficient service without compromising on safety and quality.


Vision :

We commit to provide service and innovation throughout the plumbing industry.

We shall become the leading company on a global scale; providing mechanical work services, plumbing/sanitary installation and fire prevention and protection systems.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our projects are successful for each individual.

Our vision is what gives us the dedication to complete all of our ventures with the highest of quality and excellent work force.