About SPS

Recognized plumbing establishment that represents trained and qualified plumbing practitioners in Singapore. We, in the Plumbing Society, are committed to providing value-added plumbing services to all our customers the house owners, developers, architects, consultants, managing agents of properties etc.



The Singapore Plumbing Society is an organization that expresses the views and concerns of the plumbing industry. The SPS as a national body, offers membership to all those in the Plumbing Industry who are qualified as tradesmen or professionals.
SPS Registered Plumber Examination will be held annually in the month of July. Application Forms are obtainable at SPS office from 1st March.
With Effect From 1st Jan 2016 Singapore Plumbing Society will only issue Membership Certificates Instead of Membership Cards
Dear Members, currently we are in the midst of updating all members particulars, Members who have not update their particulars kindly contact our office at 6262 0111 for more information.

Singapore Plumbing Society

Committed to providing value-added plumbing services to all our customers.